The War with Grandpa

I almost didn't go see this The War with Grandpa movie because of the negative reviews but I am glad I did. This The War with Grandpa movie is good for what it is. The ending appears to be left open for a potential sequel which is why it ends as it does but people obviously didn't figure that out judging by reviews.

While watching this The War with Grandpa movie, I was entertained the entire way through. The War with Grandpa movie is full of things that will keep you laughing. The child and his Grandpa go to war by pranking each other. I enjoyed the representations of the characters in The War with Grandpa. The older adults as energetic and full of life as the children. There are also great lessons to be learned from this The War with Grandpa movie.

I wrote a review especially to highlight the fact that far worst Movies scored higher. So, The War with Grandpa is a well made movie to it's genre.

Really good film not to long full of laughs and great cast uma therman is beautiful as the mother and robert deniro is really enjoyable in this The War with Grandpa film kept i never laughed so hard and for so long it's just a fel good movie without the violence or swearing me glued to the screen i recommend it for the family my other review got deleted don't know why so hopefully this one stays.