Love and Monsters

An amazing entertaining adventure with scary monsters, intelligent writing, and an inspiring story about the value of friendship and family. All coated with a good sense of humor. Defiantly Love and Monster one of the best movies of 2020. I saw Love and Monster twice in a row. Highly recommended. And kudos to the dog Boy. He is a protagonist as much as everyone else.

Love and Monster movie handled the emotional and comedy elements very well. In Love and Monster movie, the journey of the character and his spiritual and emotional development in this journey are very well explained to the audience. I have watched many films starring Dylan O'Brien. But he did very well in this Love and Monster movie.

Love and Monster is a fantasy post apocalyptic adventure film about Joel (Dylan O'Brien) who is surviving with a colony underground from a monster apocalypse. Which Love and Monster film does give a brief introduction about how the monsters originated and mutated. Without giving away details. His girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick) is in another colony 40 miles away. Which Joel plans to get up from underground to go on a journey to reunite with her. He comes across a dog. And two others Clyde (Michael Rooker) and Minnow (Ariana Greenblatt). Learning survival tips. And how to face his fears.

Love and Monster is an adventure coming of age kind of story. Its a bit fantasy. Action. Sci fi. And a little bit of a love story without getting too sappy into that genre. It is sure as a lot of fun. Love and Monster script delivered making Joel as a lovable character who is a bit of a runt in his colony. Where he sticks out as the least productive person. While everyone is mastered in surviving and fighting monsters. Seeing him come up from underneath and clueless on where to go is a lot of fun. Love and Monster direction plays a little like zombieland mixed with a little bit of a road apocalypse film like Mad max but in a family friendly version of it.

Love and Monster film does have some exciting action sequences with them escaping from monsters and fighting back. The visual effects are great. The music score was good. Love and Monster film does have a climatic battle on the beach with a giant like crab of a monster.